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Social Worker turned Empowerment coach, Author, and Host Nikole Seals gives you the facts and tools you need to make important decisions about health and nutrition and coaches on ways to overcome emotional barriers and challenging family issues. Both informative and entertaining: she empowers listeners to become "aware" consumers and confident advocates for their health and wellness. Nikole is often joined by friends and colleagues for unfiltered conversations about how to manage in an unmanageable world. 

"I call them Life Recipes because this information is meant to nourish your mind and empower you to take back control of your life."  ~ Nikole

Mar 8, 2018

There’s a strong probability you know a child who is or will be the victim of some form of abuse or neglect. By simply knowing how to spot the signs, we can help to stop the suffering. Listen in as Nikole shares these life-saving tips and dispels the myths we’ve been led to believe.

For more information, download my guides If You Suspect Abuse & Child Abuse Investigations: Know Your Rights

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